This school is designed to teach youth survival skills in the beautiful mountains of Central Idaho. It is targeted for youth ages 12-18 years old, but younger children are welcome if accompanied by a parent or adult. Families are also welcome!

Come prepared to learn new skills, sharpen existing skills, make new friends with those who share your interests, appreciate the wilderness, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Outdoor Survival School

$850 + tax/person

Includes school instruction, rustic cabin lodging and meals!

Learn How To...

  • Start fires
  • Construct survival shelters
  • Navigate territory using natural aids
  • Set Primitive traps and snares
  • Make water safe for drinking
  • Identify safe plants

We guaruantee you will have fun, learn and enjoy your time in this class!

About the Instructor

Mike Lowe is a professional wilderness 
survivalist who served as a Survival 
Instructor in the US Air Force. Mike taught 
pilots and aircrew members how to 
survive should they find themselves on the 
ground. Learning how to survive under 
many and varied circumstances including 
mountains, desert, jungle, arctic, river, coastal,
ocean, and even as a prisoner of war.
For 30 years Mike has traveled throughout North America showing men, women, and
children from all walks of life how to survive!

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Ann Haase
Orgeon Women's Trail Riders

"I can't begin to tell you how spectacular this ride was... you are amazing!! Your organization, even "when stuff happens" was outstanding as was the quality of your stock and equipment.  The food, the hospitality, and the facilities were the best!  And then your gorgeous country.  I know that you didn't have a lot to do with that, but showing the best of it is what you do very well.  I am amazed at your energy and your commitment.  I feel very privileged to have been able to work with you."


"It was such a fun get away for both of us.  Great RIDING, great hospitatlity, great food and great weather.  You made us feel so welcome and reminded us what good, confident horses can be.  Thank you!!"


"Wonderful trip, wonderful outfitter, wonderful guides, wonderful wranglers and staff, wonderful food, VERY sore muscles.  Will highly recommend this trip.  Thanks for everything!!"

Outdoor Survival School